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Lilly’s hair


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Sometimes you meet a child who is wiser than their years – Lilly-Cate is one of them. At ten years old she made the decision to cut of her hip length hair to donate it to a child who had lost theirs to cancer. This is her story.


I have had long hair for as long as I can remember… I never thought I would ever cut it off. My hair was always my favourite thing I liked about myself. One day I seen a show on TV. The little girl had no hair. I asked my mum why and she told me that the little girl was sick and the medicine made it fall out.

A couple weeks later my mum took me to the hairdressers for a trim. I asked mum if I could cut it all off because I wanted to give it to a little girl who really needed it… This was a big thing for me as I use to crack it when mum ever mentioned having a haircut. Mum said I could…. I was very nervous, but very excited too…  After I cut it we got on the internet and researched the best place to send it to. I decided that to send it to Florida to a company called locks of love who make special wigs just for kids.
Now my hair is short it is so much easier to brush. I love the way it sits so nicely on my shoulders and tickles my neck.
I think I might grow it long again….. Just so I can make another donation!