Kids Fashion Week

About us

TLR 2014

“The Little Runway is Australia’s Kids Fashion Week – an event showcasing the collections of emerging and established children’s designers and products from newborn to tween”.

The Little Runway – Kids Fashion Week, is a not for profit event, creating a fair platform for all children’s based creatives, brands and designers to come together and showcase their collections at an event supporting children’s fashion and product. The Little Runway connects like minded industry professionals so they can further develop their skills and collections, with a focus on young and emerging talent.

In addition to presenting their most recent collections, brands will have the opportunity to offer guests the chance to interact with their brand via a series of art installations. This fun, pop up offers an interactive and effective marketing initiative that allows brands to further engage with their audience.  One of  The Little Runways main objectives is to ensure that a well produced runway event and marketing experience is available to all designers and brands, regardless of their position in the market, which is generally not available to brands without large marketing budgets.

We have a continuing commitment to charity, and proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to children’s not-for profit organisation Project Dovetail, who are continually working hard to protect and make the world a better place for our children. Through the continuing support of our sponsors and partnering brands we are able to provide children in need with basic needs and offer the designers and brands we work with opportunities to donate samples and over supplies to the children who need it the most.